Jesus Viene School - January 2018 Update

Since 2010, Cochrane Alliance has been a close partner of the Jesus Viene School in San Raymundo, GuatemalaIn the early years, our partnership focused on the construction of the school building. In January 2015, the school opened its doors for the first time. Now in its fourth year of operation, the school serves 137 students from kindergarten to grade 6 during the January - October 2018 school year. All the teachers from last year will continue this year. During the first two weeks of January, the teachers painted some games on the school floor and added a basketball net.

In addition to providing financial partnership for school operations, we're pleased to support the school and its teachers in prayer. Read below to meet those teachers and discover how you can prayerfully stand behind them.


  • Pray for the 137 children attending the school that God will transform their hearts and shape their character and that they would take advantage of their learning opportunities.
  • Pray that the school would be effective in shaping kids academically and spiritually.
  • Pray for health and safety for everyone involved with the school.
  • Pray that God would provide needed jobs for parents of children.
  • Pray for children with various family problems (divorce, etc.)
  • Pray for wisdom and patience for teachers as they aim to provide education with excellence.
  • Pray that 2018 is a year full of blessings for this school and they can be a blessing.
  • Pray for financial support that God would provide for the expenses of the school.
  • Pray for resources to build the third floor of the school.



Full name: Nazario Nehemias Campa Sarat
Birthplace: Solola, Guatemala  
Grade he teaches: fourth & fifth grade (11-12 years old)
Nehemias acts as principal of the school as well.

Number of students in his classroom: 21 students 
How long he has been teaching: 17 years

Victor Jr.

Full name: Victor Abimael Chitay Campa, son of Pastor Victor.
Birthplace:   San Raymundo, Guatemala
Grade he teaches: sixth grade (13 years old) 
Number of students in his classroom: 13 students
How long he has been teaching:  8 years 


Full name: Josue Miguel Turuy Camey, son of Pastor Abraham.
Birthplace:   San Raymundo, Guatemala
Grade he teaches: third grade (10 years old) 
Number of students in his classroom: 24 students
How long he has been teaching:   4 years


Full name: Alva Nineth Recinos Orellanos
Birthplace: Asuncion Mita Jutiapa
Grade she teaches: second grade (9 years old) 
Number of students in her classroom:  26
How long she has been teaching: 3 years


Full name: Elvia Lesseth Pirir
Birthplace:   San Raymundo, Guatemala
Grade she teaches: first grade (7-8 years old) 

Number of students in her classroom:  23 students
How long she has been teaching: 6 years


Full name: Debora Fabiola Chitay  Siquiej
Birthplace:  San Pedro Sacatepequez
Grade she teaches: kindergarten (5-6 years old) 
Number of students in her classroom:  30 students
How long she has been teaching: 4 years


Full name: Dina Maricela Campa de Chitay, wife of Pastor Victor
Birthplace:  San Raymundo, Guatemala
How long she has been teaching: 4 years
Subject Dina teaches:  Bible Study. Dina divides her time between all six classrooms in 30 minute classes each day teaching Bible lessons to the students.