The mission of the Prayer Ministry at Cochrane Alliance Church is to pray, motivate and train others to pray and provide prayer opportunities for our church's members that we might know our Lord more intimately and serve Him more fervently.

Prayer Requests

We'd be happy to pray for you! Submit your prayer request below - feel free to give as much or as little detail as you'd like.


PrayerNet Team

If you would like to be in prayer for others through the PrayerNet team, please email with your request to be added.

PrayerNet Team Code of Conduct

As a regular adherent of Cochrane Alliance Church, all are welcome to join the ministry of the PrayerNet, bringing the requests of Cochrane Alliance before our Father in heaven. Because many requests are shared in confidence, we sincerely ask that those who join this ministry will keep those confidences, not discussing outside of the ministry any details unless it is with expressed permission.

What Are You Thankful For?

Sharing stories builds faith and deepens our expectation of what God will do. What has God been up to in your life?