San Raymundo & San Juan, Guatemala

Since 2010, Cochrane Alliance Church has been an ongoing partner of the Jesús Viene Church and School in San Raymundo, Guatemala through Hungry For Life. In the early years, our partnership focused on the construction of the school building. The school opened its doors for the first time in January 2015. The school currently serves about 130 students from kindergarten to grade 9 during the January - October school year. 

Beginning in 2025, we are excited to continue to foster our long-standing relationship with Jesús Viene while reaching out to the nearby community of Chivoc in San Juan. Pastor Victor and Pastor Abraham from Jesús Viene Church have been providing pastoral support to Pastor Victoriano from Asuncion Church in San Juan for five years and would like to be able to support this church in more ways. Asuncion Church is a sister church of Jesús Viene Church and the close proximity makes it quite easy for the churches to work together. Teams from Cochrane will continue staying at Pastor Victor's house while working on projects with Asuncion Church alongside brothers and sisters from Jesús Viene Church.