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For adults who want to grow in their faith, there are several options available:

House Church

Same church family - different church expression. We might be out of our own building this year, but we don’t see this season as a time to just survive and make due. One way we're doing this is experimenting with house churches. These small mini-congregations will be meeting in homes throughout the area.


Got questions? The Alpha course is your opportunity to explore the Christian faith. For more info, visit

Life Groups

Connecting with a small group of people. A group of 8 - 12 meeting regularly to study the Bible and forge friendships as members serve, pray for and share with one another.

The Journey

Who is God? Who am I? What does God want to do through me? The Journey is a six to eight month course with a small group of people to explore three key questions.

Missional Communities

Disciples on mission. Missional Communities are similar to Life Groups but unique in their collective sense of calling to bring the light and love of Jesus to their communities, workplaces and friends.


Sisters Abiding in Truth & Light. We long to be a group of women living as Christ did, demonstrating Christ's love to others in our community. This ministry facilitates events that will encourage discipleship and mentoring of women.


Fun, Friends, Fellowship. Our Keenagers group is for adults age 55+. The goal for this group is to provide a place to share your faith and a relaxing and fun atmosphere where new friendships can form. Social events, fellowship sharing times, and day trips are planned throughout the year.

4th Muskateer

Inspiration for each man's heart and waves of justice worldwide! The 4th Musketeer (4M) is a global men's movement that trains men to live for their King. We are excited to partner with 4M to provide challenging events to spur men on their faith journey. For events, check out

100 Men Cochrane

Many men in our church are excited about the founding of a Cochrane chapter of this new movement. These chapters, found in communities across Canada, invite men out for quarterly meetings asking them to bring $100 each to be donated to a local charity at each meeting. It's a fun opportunity to connect with men in the community and support great causes at the same time.  For upcoming events, check out

For more information on any of these discipleship options, contact our Pastor of Missional Discipleship, Mike Poettcker.