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We recently received a letter from Kalix, one of the students attending Jesus Viene School in San Raymundo, Guatemala. Our church has partnered with the school since 2010.


Hello dear brothers of Canada,

I hope God blesses and cares for you every day.

I am very happy and grateful for all your support for me and my family. Thank you very much for supporting me in my studies this year and I hope you can support me the next year.

I love you and pray for you, God bless you.


About Kalix

Name:   Kalix Orlando Acabal Boch

Grade:   5

Age:   12 years

Favorite Colour:   Blue

Favorite Sport:   Soccer

Favorite food:   Pinol

Favorite School Subject:   Communication and language

What you want to be in the future:   Merchant

Prayer Requests:   Kalix currently lives with his older brother of 14 years and his grandmother. His parents abandoned them three years ago. Kalix asks for prayer for the health of his grandmother since she has been sick. Also pray that God will provide resources to cover their basic needs.