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Rena Bierman and Jocelyn Huston both attend our church. We apprecite their willingness to share their journeys and their poetry with us. 

Jocelyn Huston grew up in a Christian home. She has been married to her husband, John for 12 years. They moved to Cochrane about 2 years ago and began to attend Cochrane Alliance Church this fall.

Jocelyn writes about On the Water ...

This poem came about from listening to a sermon on how my faith can grow and transform when God lets me experience challenging situations. This hit close to home with both my husband and I unemployed for over a year.  The economy had hit an extreme low and we had no means to pay our commitments.  We were totally and completely dependent on God to provide for our needs.  No back up plan – just God!

On The Water 
By Jocelyn Huston

I say I trust, that I have faith
In the One who walks on water,
But when life is hard and I start to sink
I cry like Peter, Lord save me.

In the dark of night, do I make plans,
Do I think He's too small?
When things look bleak and I'm afraid
Will I have faith to trust Him?

Because with a touch He healed the sick.
And with a pray He fed a crowd.
With a word He calmed the storm.
Why is my faith so small?

He is watching, always watching,
He knows what lies ahead.
When anxious thoughts invade my mind,
I reach for the strength of His hand.

He sees, He moves, He speaks.
He cannot stay away.
My child I know your faith is small
Trust me to make it grow.

I am choosing to step out in faith,
Out onto the choppy waves.
My faith is growing, ever transforming,
I'm walking on the water with Jesus.

Jocelyn writes about A Leaky Vessel ...

I had watched a history program about a middle eastern archaeological dig and the pottery being excavated from a town site from the time of Jesus.  The archaeologists were removing pieces of broken pottery and became very excited when they unearthed a piece of pottery that was fully intact. Later, I was reading in Jeremiah 18 about the Potter and the clay and found myself thinking back to the program I had watched and how fragile and yet sturdy the pottery was.  That was when this poem started to develop in my mind. I often pray that my life will overflow with God’s love and that I can be the smile that changes someone’s day.  I want every day of my life to be so full of God that it is always leaking out into the interactions I have with the people around me.

A Leaky Vessel 
By Jocelyn Huston

Just unformed clay on the potters wheel,
No shape or form to see.
The hidden beauty is still unknown,
Only the Potters sees what soon will be. 

Without the Master Potters touch,
The use remains unseen.
With perfect pressure He gently molds,
Revealing the beauty within.

A valuable vessel He forms with care,
The use already planned.
This precious piece He wants to fill,
And with a lost world His love to share.

Just as He held the Father's love,
Within His human form.
So great the volume overflowed,
And this world could never be the same.

So may I be a leaky vessel,
Your purpose to fulfill.
Just as my Saviour chose to be,
Transforming this world eternally for You.

2 Corinthians 4:7-10

Rena Bierman moved to Cochrane and began attending Cochrane Alliance Church in the fall of 2008. This was her first move after 40 years of marriage as she was dealing with the death of her husband Doug and learning to live on her own.

She didn't begin to write poetry until a year following Doug's death. As she read God's Word and sought His comfort, her prayers took on the form of poetry.  She presented a particular problem to Jesus and by the end of the poem, He gave the solution. None of these poems were planned: they just came.

The following 2 poems were written by Rena and are representative of over 20 poems she wrote during this John 15 pruning season. 

My Season of Sorrow
By Rena Bierman

My season of sorrow
Has been my faithful classroom;
And in that room
Is the presence of my Teacher.
Blessed Holy Spirit. 

As I have surrendered
To learn from Him,
It has been amplified in my mind
That I’m wrestling with love. 

I’ve lost from this world
The gift of love from my darling-
                Said good-bye,
                One last kiss
                One last embrace
                The clasp of a still warm hand—
I’ll take this up again in eternity. 

Since that scene
My affection has been refocused.
All my life long my God
Has waited
And yearned 
To have my full attention. 

Not until my darling left
For the wonders of heaven and Christ-
Did I engage my sight,
My heart, my mind
And my strength fully on my Saviour...
Nothing between. 

Sorrow and desperation drove me
To His embrace.
I go there weak, faint and unsteady.
But here’s the mystery! 

The longer I remain
I sense with more clarity-
His precious voice in my ear,
His tender hand upon me
And his strength flowing through me.
Joy returns!
I have become:
I am, 
His captive.

The Branch and the Vinedresser
By Rena Bierman

Your supremacy and majesty
Oh my God and King
Is far beyond my comprehension!  

My lowly estate
Is less than I
Have the wisdom to understand.  

But You Lord,
Considered me worthy
Of Your precious life for mine.  

How can I love 
One such as You Jesus?
You are my all, my everything!  

What can I offer
Except a pure, willing heart?
So easy to say,
So impossible to do without You.
I’m weak and distressed,
I’m so imperfect.

You have softened my heart so
I can hardly breathe
With the thought of offending Your holy plan.
I can't resist You!
Give me the wisdom to exploit the pain
To nurture Your fruit.  

Prune from my heart and my desire
All that would keep me
From pressing close to Your side—
Where there is warmth,
Where there is safety,
Where there is peace,
Where there is joy,
Where courage grows bold.  

It’s here that I know
You delight in me Lord.
You’ve narrowed my path,
And focused my vision.  

My God pursues me night and day!
The Messiah, Redeemer,
Perfecter of my heart.