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January gives us a new beginning, many of us getting back on track with diets or exercise or making other new resolutions. The cultural reinforcement of these resolutions often does not include a creation perspective. Perhaps, this year we can foster a kinder, healthier posture towards ourselves, after all, we too are part of HIS good creation, and deeply loved and valued.

Self-Compassion Exercise

I love you body – for you are fearfully and wonderfully made

I love you legs – for you support my frame

I love you feet - for you carry me to all the places I need to go  

I love you arms – you help me function and offer embrace  

I love you hands – for you have held so very much so far  

I love you abdomen – for you help to process all that I need to help me stay healthy  

I love you body  – for you have the capacity to grow and nourish new life / you have the strength to protect and defend the weak and vulnerable  

I love you heart – for you give life to all of my internal workings and within it carry eternity  

I love you mind – for you help me learn and seek God  

I love you self – for I was created in my genuine self in the image of God  

I love you body – for you hold my soul and the Spirit of God within me 

Written by Jordan Bell