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Our librarian is excited to host three in-house book launches for local authors affliated with our church.  Join us to meet each author, listen as they describe their featured book(s) and read an excerpt. This will be followed by a Question & Answer opportunity.

Our final book launch on May 31 featuring Duane Harder will be held at the church beginning at 7:00pm. 

Building a Generational Legacy - Our absorption with the present has dulled our vision for the future. My prayer is that as you read this book you will be inspired to think generationally. You will discover: Seven symptoms of hypocrisy that nullify our influence and turn out the light of truth. Seven myths that have the sound of truth. Ideological weapons that subvert us and nullify the legacy of truth. Insights that will help you build a solid biblical foundation for a generational legacy. 


Please register to attend Duane Harder's book launch. Registration deadline is midnight, Sunday, May 30.


Contact our Librarian, Janelle Martin