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Every feel overwhelmed, discouraged or defeated?  I am sure we have all been in these places and many of us currently are there.  In light of this the question that often presents itself is how can live resiliently in light of the challenges we face.  Whether it is in parenting, your job or a circumstance you are facing we all need to know how to live with a holy resilience.  If this resonate with you I encourage you to give a listen to Rebekah Lyons speak on the topic.  In the shared 20 minute video “Rebekah Lyons equips you with five practical, life-changing rules that help you live into God's unshakable peace in a world that seems more uncertain every day. She explains the role of anxiety and pain in building holy resilience and encourages us to transform our traumatic events into resilience-building exercises.”  I found this to be a particular meaningful and helpful listen.