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We are getting ready to take a team of youth to Guatemala in February 2020 and we would love for you to join us!  This trip is open to youth grade 9 and older.  This is an incredible opportunity for you to engage with our long term partnership that our church shares with Jesus Viene Alliance Church in San Raymundo.  Registration deadline is September 15th, so be sure to sign up today! 


February 12-22, 2020 (dates are approximate and subject to change slightly)


San Raymundo, Guatemala. This highland community of 35,000 people is located one hour northwest of Guatemala City. The main source of income is making fireworks which is seasonal work. This causes financial insecurity resulting in inconsistent food supply, school attendance for children and youth.


The team will consist of youth and leaders and will set by mid-September.  Youth must be in Grade 9 or higher. Anyone who is interested in coming must first complete an application and be approved to go by the youth pastor. 


Cochrane Alliance Church has a long-standing partnership with Pastor Victor and the Jesus Viene Alliance Church in San Raymundo, Guatemala that began in 2010. The church and associated school are not only focused on education of the children but the strengthening of family stability within the community. In keeping with one of the purposes of Cochrane Alliance Church and our youth ministry to SERVE, we are travelling to work with the people and the school of Jesus Viene Church in San Raymundo, Guatemala.

This trip is in partnership with Hungry for Life (HFL), an organization in Chilliwack, BC that facilitates the opportunity for our church to connect Jesus Viene Church. Wendy Ellerby will be the HFL Team Leader for the group. She will travel with us and work on our behalf coordinating the daily schedule while in Guatemala and managing the logistics and administrative details associated with the project. For more info, visit


Projects for this trip have not been finalized but the following are possibilities:

  • Hosting a sports day or soccer tournament for the children in the community which will further the relationship between the local church and community.
  • Delivering food hampers to families in the community who are in need.
  • Teaching English in classrooms help students gain important skills.
  • Minor construction projects


This will be finalized as the trip date gets closer. Our focus will be various work projects on most days. Afternoons/evenings could include attending church, kids ministry (stories, crafts, etc), playing soccer (Guatemalans love this sport!!). We will also have some time as a team to see parts of Guatemala. 


As in previous trips, the team will be staying at Pastor Victor’s house. It is right next door to the church and a short drive/walk away from the project sites. The team will be sleeping in bunks provided in close quarters with others.


All food costs are covered in the HFL costs, other than outside of Guatemala (airport, etc). Pastor Victor’s wife will be doing the cooking along with a couple of ladies from the church. Meals will be a mix of Guatemalan food and North American food (or their take on North American food).


HFL and Cochrane Alliance Church require that you are up to date on all immunizations including Hepatitis A and B (combined as TwinRix), Typhoid, & Tetanus. You must also take Dukoral (prevention of traveller’s diarrhea) prior to the trip and carry a prescription for an antibiotic for travellers diarrhea during the trip. Be aware that the Zika virus is present in Guatemala.  Please ensure that you schedule a visit with your personal physician or travel clinic at minimum 8 weeks before we depart to ensure all of this is taken care of. 


Approximately $2400-2600 per person**

Costs can vary slightly depending on the size of group coming as well as costs of flights, value of the dollar, etc.  Prior trips have typically come in closer to $2000 so hopefully cost will come down. 

All monies collected will be given to HFL who will be booking and administrating details of the trip.

Includes: flights & airport fees; food, lodging & transportation within Guatemala; insurance

**Extra Expenses (not included):

Immunization costs ($100-200)


How can you raise the required funds to go on this trip?

$500       Payable by student - $100 non-refundable deposit due with application & remaining $400 payable over the next several months.   

$500       All members of the team will write support letters to friends and family asking to cover about one third of their costs.

$1000    We will aim to fundraise $1000 per team member. Each team member will have their own account for the money that is fundraised by them individually (through work projects, etc). Work project money will be given only those that attend. For group fund raisers, money is divided between all team members. 

Any funds that a youth raises above and beyond will either be used to help others still in need of funds or be given to support the church in San Raymundo.


There are a few requirements for every member of the team before leaving. It is expected that they will be actively involved in all large fundraising events both in the organizing and carrying out of the events. They are required to attend all training times as well. Members must commit to attending and participating in the fundraisers and training in order to participate in the trip. If at any point, whether initially or well into the process of fundraising and preparing for the trip, team members do not live up to the above requirements, it will be up to the discretion of the youth pastor on whether the participant can be part of the trip. 


The following is due Sunday, SEPTEMBER 15, 2019.

  1. Complete your online application here.
  2. Submit the following to Jason Dimnik by the above date includ
    • Photo Copy of Passport
    • Photo Copy of Alberta Health Care Card
    • $100 deposit (payable via online payment, eTransfer, PushPay app, or through the church office with Cash, Cheque, or via our Debit machine.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jason Dimnik.