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This past year youth from all over Calgary and the surrounding area engaged in an initiative to see Youth Alpha run on school campuses.  This all began with a desire from a group of youth pastors to see youth reaching their peers with the Gospel.  After much prayer and planning it was decided to equip our youth to lead Alpha at their schools.  

In Cochrane we saw great enthusiasm and engagement form our youth to be part of this.  Student-led Alpha groups happened at four schools: St. Timothy, Cochrane High, Bow Valley High School and Cochrane Christian Academy/Mitford.  The leadership teams at each school included youth from Cochrane Alliance, Bow Valley Baptist and Rock Pointe.  As youth pastors, we were so encouraged to see our youth stepping out to lead Alpha and to have faith conversations with their peers.  Each group saw about 20 people participate, and we know many seeds of faith were planted because of the obedience of youth go and make disciples.  We are trusting that God will use what has taken place to further and grow his Kingdom.  

Many of you partnered with us by praying for us, our youth and the schools.  We want to say thank you, as this is a big part of Alpha.  Change does not happen when we fail to pray.  Thank you for being a part of what God is doing through our youth in Cochrane.  It really is exciting!  God is on the move, and our youth are responding to His movement!  

James Clarence, a youth pastor in Calgary who was one of the main people in bringing churches together to see this happen, has written an article that explains a little more of the greater vision God has given a group of youth pastors and how that is being seen. I invite you to read it here.