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An Opportunity

Our church is sending a team of 4-8 people to Cloverdale, Quebec May 28 - June 3, 2018 to come alongside our partner, the Oasis church family and assist in their community with an opportunity called the “Big Give”. Each year across the nation, on the first Saturday of June, the Big Give partners with churches in their local communities to recognize that there are many needs and hurting people in their neighbourhoods. The idea is that a customized plan is devised and put into action, giving whatever the needs are ascertained to be...for free.

This year in Cloverdale the Big Give is a soccer tournament for children with music and food. 

Each team member would be responsible for airfare costs. Members will be billeted and as a general rule, meals will be provided. There may be a planned outing to an event at the cost of $25.00 per person and a day of touring with a picnic lunch that the team could contribute to at $20.00 per person.

Tentative Itinerary:

May 28. Arrival, orientation, fellowship, going to billets.

May 29-31. Preparing and doing publicity for the Big Give, posters, printing, decorating T shirts, going door to door to invite people.
Preparing accessories and details ie. medals, music and audio, organizing soccer teams, communicating with volunteers, follow-up materials for visitors.
Helping and serving in the community, at La Corde, and connecting with the children in the park at Cloverdale.
One planned day of tourism and fun for the CAC team.
Evenings 1-2 church meetings, planned prayer times.
Perhaps fellowship times involving 1 or 2 other CAM churches in Montreal.
Perhaps a special interest meeting on the topic of reaching your neighbourhood for the Kingdom. What we are learning in Cochrane and Cloverdale.

June 1. Making the meal for the Big Give. Final planning of the event.

June 2. Day of the Soccer Tournament, preparing fields, installing of nets, tents for the lunch, setting up of audio equipment. Running the event together. Telling the community about Oasis. That evening meal and fellowship together following the event.

June 3. Worship service in the morning. CAC can speak, witness, do some music.
Fellowship for the rest of the day. Departure the afternoon or evening of June 3rd. 

Join the team!

Part of our team is already in place. We are still looking for people who have soccer coaching experience or would be able to help with refereeing and running soccer games at the Big Give. An understanding of the French language would be a bonus! 

If you are interested in joining the team going to Quebec, please contact Kelly Ann Gross by April 15, 2018.