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The Board of Elders has granted Lead Pastor Jason Koleba a sabbatical for the summer of 2018. sat down with Jason to get the low down.

Cochrane Alliance: When are you leaving?

Jason Koleba: Essentially I’ll be stepping back from my duties for June, July and August. I’ll return as we launch into fall ministry on September 4.

CAC: What is a sabbatical anyways?

JK: At it’s simplest level, a sabbatical is a season of prolonged rest, especially from the responsibilities of preaching, leading and serving. It comes from the word sabbath (rest). I’m really looking forward to catching my breath after our building project and charging-up for a new season of ministry in Cochrane.

CAC: What are you hoping to accomplish on this sabbatical?

JK: When I submitted my proposal to the Board, I asked to step back from regular ministry activities to pursue four specific objectives:

  1. Seek physical and spiritual refreshment.
  2. Invest in my own personal development and gain further clarity on the next season of my ministry.
  3. Prioritize relationships with my immediate family. I’m particularly looking forward to spending uninterrupted time with my wife and daughters.
  4. Visit several ministry partners in SE Asia.

CAC: Can you be more specific than SE Asia?

JK: Haha sure! We are pulling our girls from school in mid-June and getting on a plane to China. We’re travelling as tourists to the cities of Beijing and Chengdu. Then we’ll travel to Penang, Malaysia. We’ve been privileged to access to the home of Bob and Karin Thorne who live in Penang and where Bob serves as the pastor of Penang International Church (PIC). I will be taking Bob’s pulpit for four weeks in July while he and Karin spend time in Canada. Before we return home at the beginning of August, we’ll also visit Phuket, Thailand and numerous locations in Cambodia. Some of our experiences will be just for fun (like our time in China) while others will be a mix of ministry and tourism. 

CAC: Who’s in charge while you’re gone?

JK: I’m grateful to have Mike Poettcker step into operational leadership while I’m gone with the support of the rest of the staff team and the Board of Elders. I’m deeply grateful for their leadership and confident that church life will carry on quite smoothly in my absence.

CAC: How do we get a hold of you while you’re gone?

JK: I’ve set up a special email address which I will be following closely every day. It is [email protected].com.

CAC: Is there a way you’ll be updating us on your experiences?

JK: I’ve decided not to set up a blog or website while I’m away. However, I may send a couple updates via the church website. Watch the NEWS section of our website over the course of the summer. I will also give a full report when I return to work in the fall.