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Living a life on mission with the Holy Spirit will ruin you for the ordinary. He will take you on an adventure like never before. There is no telling how God might lead you throughout your days, weeks and years.

This past Sunday, we looked at Acts 16:6-10 (click below to watch the sermon). Four short verses bombard us with the reality that the Holy Spirit is always speaking to us, guiding us and leading us to where he wants us to go.

This past week I mentioned that "listening to God on mission is like knowing where the treasure is hidden." What I mean by that is that when we are listening to God and open to His leading throughout the day, he will lead us exactly where we are supposed to be.

The apostle Paul undoubtedly had strategic plans to share the gospel in Asia but was forbidden by the Holy Spirit. You can guarantee Paul and his team had plans to plant churches in Bithynia, but the Spirit of Jesus stopped them.

Isn't it wonderful that he will lead us to the right places when listening to and obeying him? He will lead us to where the "treasure" is hidden? A few verses later, we see that a woman named Lydia and her family come to know Jesus and were baptized because of Paul's obedience to the Spirit's moving.

Be encouraged today as you seek to follow the Spirit's guiding that he will lead you to the right places. He will open up the right doors for you to connect people to Jesus, and he will close all the other doors.

I encourage you to be attentive to the Spirit's leading as you step out and look for ways to connect others to Jesus.