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Since 2010, Cochrane Alliance Church has been an ongoing partner of the Jesus Viene Church and School in San Raymundo, Guatemala through Hungry For Life

The global pandemic has affected the community of San Raymundo. Approximately 70% of people in the community have been left without economic income or work, due to the measures imposed by the government. There is no public transportation, most businesses are closed (only stores that sell basic foods are open). This makes it difficult for families to obtain necessary food for their families.

Hermenegildo, his daughter and two grand daughters are so thankful for the support that they received last summer through the generosity of the Cochrane Alliance Church family. The hamper gave them the food they needed to make it through some hungry days. Learn more about the relief work Pastor Victor and the church are doing here.


The need for food hampers and medicare access to support struggling families continues to increase as curfews and social distancing continue. Provision of food hampers and medicare access relieves hunger, stress and anxiety, strengthens faith and hope and enables families to carry on through these days of restrictions. 

If you would like to support Jesus Viene Church in caring for their community, please give now. Mark your donation "Guatemala".