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Dear church family,

I am happy to inform you that I am on my way back to work! For the past eight months I have been on a health leave to assist me in finding physical, emotional and spiritual restoration. I am grateful to God for the way He has met me in so many ways. I now find myself beginning the process of returning to full-time ministry within Cochrane Alliance Church.

I will be gradually merging back into my workload over the next month-and-a-half. For this reason, my office hours will be limited until the week of May 2nd.

Yolanda Bosma will be assisting me by handling all inquiries and scheduling questions. Please feel free to contact her here if you need further information as to how, and when, I might be able to connect with you. There will be strong boundaries around my schedule and for the foreseeable future I will be unable to meet in the evenings. I appreciate your collaboration with me as I ramp up my schedule slowly.

I am grateful to the church board, the pastoral team, my family, friends and the circle of professional caregivers who have supported me over the past several months. Thank you all for your prayers and support.

With grateful thanks,

Larry Charter

Pastor of People Care