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The Nations. Here. Now.

Are you looking for a positive and enriching family faith adventure? Would you enjoy displaying the love of Christ through genuine friendship and hospitality to an international student? Begin a friendship with international students through Home Away From Home by having them over for tea, sharing a meal on Canadian holidays, and inviting them to participate in whatever you like to do as a family.

Surprising facts...

  • The vast majority of International students will never have the opportunity to step into a Canadian home or perhaps even have a friendship with a Canadian.
  • Canada is the #1 choice for foreign students considering studying abroad.
  • 99.8% of the 1.84 billion representing the next generation are not from North America!
  • The future thought leaders and influencers in this present wave of gloabl change are coming!

Helping change the world by connecting International students with Canadian families!

If you would like more details about the Friendship Program through Home Away From Home, a Christian, University of Calgary based program, please contact Pastor Mike, or visit