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Nominations for Board of Elders

3-year Term  

       Doyle Peterson     (Second Term)

Current Members

        Jon Schwab
        Jon Wilcox 
        Steve Gross            
        Simon Ongom
        Blaine Ellerby     (Second Term extension)
        Brad Smith     (Second Term extension)
        John Wicker     (Second Term extension)

Nominations for Congregational Reps

        Gwyn Butler     (1 Year term extension)
        Rini Penner     (1 Year term extension)

From Constitution: Article XV – Elections 

…The Nominating Committee shall present and post, at least two Sundays prior to the annual meeting, one name for each office to be filled. Other nominations, if any shall be made in writing, signed by two members in good standing, and filed with the chairman of the nominating committee for posting before the public services on the Sunday prior to the annual meeting.

From Bylaws of Cochrane Alliance Church: Article IV - Board of Elders

Elders shall be elected to a term not exceeding three years. A three year term is defined as beginning at the AGM when the elder is elected and ending at the AGM three years hence.  An elder can serve on the board for a maximum of two consecutive terms after which they must step off the board for a minimum of one year.

Transition Provision

There is a bylaw provision with the Western Canadian District which allows the Elder term limits to be suspended for one year to maintain stability for a smooth leadership transition as we secure a new lead pastor.

The Board of Elders of Cochrane Alliance has received permission from the Western Canadian District to suspend Elder term limits for one year.  This suspension applies only to the 2021-2022 Elder term, is predicated upon our time of pastoral transition, and will not continue beyond.  In addition, the WCD leadership recommended that the Elder Board obtain approval for this provision from our membership.

Nominating Committee

        Mike Poettcker, Chairperson 
        Gwyn Butler, Congregational Rep 
        Rini Penner, Congregational Rep 
        Blaine Ellerby, Board of Elders Rep 
        Jon Wilcox, Board of Elders Rep    

You are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting on Sunday, September 26 at 1:30pm at the church.