Serving with L’Oasis, Église de l’Alliance Chrétienne et Missionnaire in Montreal

L’Oasis is a French-speaking urban Church that was founded in the West Island of Montreal in 1980. It is intercultural and intergenerational. Our community comprises established residents of the West Island and its surroundings, newcomers to Canada and young people. We have many families and children. We are intentional about building unity in diversity as a means to glorify God in contemporary Quebec, and to elevate Jesus as God’s alternative for our society. We worship and serve God together, honouring each other’s giftings and cultural uniqueness.  We seek to empower each participant to live out their Christian freedom and witness for Christ inside and outside the Church.  
In 2010, the Lord led L’Oasis to move to Cloverdale, a neighborhood with many newcomers to Canada and others facing poverty. We meet in a space rented from a Christian youth centre, with whom we share a Gospel partnership.