Serving with Send International in Western Canada

Here is an overview of what we do as we serve here in Canada.  John's primary role with SEND Canada is as a missions coach, facilitator, and mobilizer here in Canada.  Leanne also serves in a variety of background roles.  One is serving part time with the SEND Canada personnel team in member care, another is helping John where she can and others also.  Long term, we do desire to go back overseas to serve, but in the meantime, we are here and ask God to use our gifts and abilities as best possible.

John is part of the SEND Canada Mobilization Team, serving as a missions coach & facilitator in western Canada.

Leanne is also part of the SEND Canada Personnel Team, serving in variety of ways in both mobilization and personnel from our home in western Canada.

What does that mean?  In a nutshell, we are helping people, churches and organizations follow God's calling in ministering cross culturally, be that across the world or across the street.

Connecting with people who contact the mission regarding ministry, missions’ opportunities.  This can be in person, on zoom, telephone, or by email.  This is a process which takes time.  As we interact with people who are seeking God's direction for ministry in missions, there are a few different paths that can be taken.

  • continued discussion and interaction
  • possibly moving forward in the process with SEND.  If so, John is the primary point person with the individual/couple/church etc as their coach.  He will walk with them from the point of application until they get on the plane, along with others in SEND Canada.
  • possibly referring them to another mission’s agency.  If so, John tries to give as much information as he can that will help them connect with that agency.

Connecting with various schools in western Canada (in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta & BC) and their students

Coaching new missionary appointees by facilitating their going through the process of application, training and raising their financial support.

Coaching short term individuals and teams by facilitating their going through the process of application, training and raising their financial support.

Connecting with churches and pastors that are connected to SEND and its ministries in various ways.

Connecting with SEND Canada missionaries around the world thru various means. 

Connecting with SEND Canada MK's (missionary kids) around the world thru various means.