Carol and Doyle each grew up in missions-minded families and accepted Christ before their teen years. They have committed their careers to bringing God’s Word to people in all languages. The Petersons have served with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Togo, Africa, at the international support centres in Texas and North Carolina, and in the Wycliffe Canada headquarters in Calgary. They currently serve in the global resourcing unit, supporting national organizations to develop sustainable funding for future work.

They were each sent into missions by their home churches and met while serving with Wycliffe’s partner for technical services, JAARS, at their centre in North Carolina. Doyle and Carol were married in 1984; a few months later, they were on their way to Africa to support Bible translation teams working in remote villages.

While the early years of Doyle’s service were in information technologies to support translation teams, he has served more recently in roles to develop capacity in Wycliffe and its key partners to develop long-range plans for reaching remaining languages that do not yet have God’s Word.

Carol has worked as a travel consultant in Wycliffe and in funding support roles.  Doyle has traveled to Asia, Africa and Eurasia to work with partners and leadership teams in strategy development and program planning.   

In partnership with individual Christians, churches and organizations worldwide, Wycliffe is making steady progress toward the goal of all languages having some Scripture by the year 2033. Doyle and Carol are committed to helping those people in the most difficult and marginalized regions of the world hear and understand God’s Word.

The Petersons have three adult children and seven grandchildren.