Our library is located on the second floor in the Jumping Pound room, facing Glenbow Drive in the far East corner of the building. (Lift available...if you need assistance, please ASK!) 

There are a multitude of great books waiting for you to use! Our collection includes books, DVD's and CD's including:

  • A wonderful Children's section
  • Junior Fiction and Non Fiction for ages 8-12
  • Teen Fiction and Non Fiction for ages 12 and older
  • Adult Fiction and Non Fiction
  • Bible Study material
  • Biographies and much more

The check out system is primarily a self serve system. Please look for a Library sign out card, typically at the back of the book. Sign your full name and the date on which you are signing out the item. Place the completed library card in the square basket on the desk beside the door. Books are due in 4 weeks. DVD's and CD's are due in 1 week. There are Date Due Bookmarks available near the card basket. There are ONE week due and FOUR week due bookmarks available for your use. Please return items in the Return box and please do not remove items from this box.

If you have never used our Library before, please leave your Borrower Information on the available blue form. This enables us to contact you via email or phone when items are overdue or lost. If more information or assistance required, please contact our librarian Janelle Martin by completing the contact form below.

Contact our Librarian

Our librarian would love to hear from you about questions or suggestions or if you'd like to renew a book.