As of September 2022


Brunstetter, Wanda – Amish Hawaiian Adventures

Clark, Ashley – The Dress Shop on King Street

Green, Amy Lynn – The Lines Between Us

Klassen, Julie – The Bridge to Belle Island

Martin, Charles – Send Down the Rain

Mitchell, Siri – State of Lies

West, Catherine – The Things We Knew

White, Roseanna M. – A Portrait of Loyalty

Luesse, Valerie Fraser – The Key to Everything

Bylin, Victoria – Someone Like You

Kingsbury, Karen – Truly, Madly, Deeply

Denton, Lauren K. – The Summer House

Green, Amy Lynn – Things We Didn’t Say

Chiavaroli, Heidi – The Orchard House

Rivers, Francine – Sons of Encouragement

Turner, Bethany – Plot Twist

Ladd, Sarah E. – Thief at Lanwyn Manor

Gregory, Texie Susan – Slender Reeds Jochabed’s Hope


Bosworth, F. F. – Christ the Healer

Card, Michael – Scribbling in the Sand, Christ and Creativity

Diaz, Casey – The Shot Caller, a Latino gangbanger’s miraculous escape from a life of violence to a new life in Christ

Metaxas, Eric – 7 More Men and Their Greatness

Staub, Dick – Too Christian, Too Pagan – how to love the world without falling for it


Kyle, Sherry – Love, Lexi, Letters to God

MacKall, Dandi Daley – Just Sayin’


Bostrom, Kathleen Long – That’s So Weird! 100 fun and fascinating facts about the Bible

Butler, Kathryn – The Dragon and the Stone

Hering, Marianne – Islands and Enemies – Imagination Station #28

Kingsbury, Karen – Finding Home

Kingsbury, Karen – Never Grow Up

MacKall, Dandi Daley - Larger-Than-Life Lara

Nawrocki, Mike – Risky River Rescue – Dead Sea Squirrels #10

Oard, Michael & Beverly – Life in the Great Ice Age


Bower, Gary – The Frightening Philippi Jail

Guthrie, Nancy – I See Jesus

Madder, Tracey – Pi Fright Skates into Trouble, a story about integrity

Madder, Tracey – R.J. Fright Kicks Away Her Fears, a story about trust

Madder, Tracey – Tora Fright Patches Things Up, a story about forgiveness


Down by the River

Reggie’s Prayer

Walk by Faith

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