We exist to connect people with Jesus so the world thrives. 


What does being a Community Ambassador mean?

A Community Ambassador's purpose is to develop relational support networks throughout Cochrane that:

  1. enable neighbors to support neighbours
  2. connect people with the resources and support of the community
  3. connect community members with emergency support in time of need
  4. launch the people of Cochrane and area into service


Ambassadors are accountable to their respective Coordinator.


  1. Establish and maintain personal contact (by phone) with the people/homes within assigned scope of influence (after initial contact we recommend x times/week).
  2. Assess and record the needs and/or available assets of each home in the central database.
  3. Maintain confidentiality by gathering and protecting information in conformity with FOIP.
  4. Give extra support to vulnerable homes (i.e. seniors, immune-compromised, those without local personal support).
  5. Respond to or refer the requests of community members as they arise.
  6. When appropriate/requested, offer basic spiritual care as you are able (i.e. prayer and encouragement).
  7. Make observations/recommendations to leadership on emerging trends and needs.
  8. Collaborate with leadership by maintaining channels of communication and participating in ongoing training.


  1. Access to phone and internet.
  2. Compassionate heart for people.
  3. Available to communicate with and serve people for an indeterminate amount of time in conditions that cannot be fully anticipated at this time.
  4. Flexibility and willingness to troubleshoot and respond creatively to emerging needs.
  5. Collaborative attitude that works within the boundaries outlined by the Initiative.
  6. In a state of physical and emotional health.

Working Conditions

Substantial time spent with people (some of whom may be in a state of anxiousness or distress) requiring a high degree of emotional energy and mental alertness.