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Last week, we participated in an incredible week of camps in our community. With Bow Valley Baptist and mission teams from Colorado and Texas, we did Backyard Kids Camps (BKC) in 11 community parks throughout Cochrane.  We had 477 kids register for our camps representing 294 families. 131 of those families did not list a church on their registration which means that they heard the story of Jesus, maybe for the first time! Praise the Lord for bringing in kids and families.

At each site, it was exciting to see kids engaged in fun and activity. Games and crafts were part of our week, so the kids went home with treasures and exciting game memories. Kids heard great stories from God's Word and then met together in their small group huddles. How amazing to see clusters of leaders and children throughout the parks talking about God and building relationships with one another. And most significant, many kids made first steps to Jesus, deciding to follow Him or growing deeper in their relationship with Him. Every day, we celebrated the great stories of what God was doing.

These are a few texts I received last week highlighting some exciting things that happened…

"69 kids today!! Wow God!"

"Vaughn (storyteller) did kidding the silence was so noticeable and then a train came and my heart was confident that God had this no matter what! It was not of this world."

"Andrew, from Colorado, was saved on this day last year and he led a girl in his group today to Jesus."

"We need extra booklets for newcomers…15!!"

"John (little boy who said he did not believe in God) is accepting Jesus today. He's praying with his small group leader right now."

"Can we get two more Bibles please?"

"So exciting to be a part of this!"

One of the joys of doing Backyard Kids Camps is working closely with some amazing servant volunteers. We had 150 volunteers last week and it was such fun to work together and celebrate how God showed up each day. If you have never participated in BKC, find someone who has and hear their stories. You will be inspired!

Thanks to all who served on sites or behind the scenes. Thanks for all the prayers and support. Thanks for sending your kids! And more than anything, thanks to GOD for His presence in a big way! 

Next year, Backyard Kids Camps is July 6-10. Put it on your calendar!

Pastor Donna