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After Alpha wrapped up on Mar. 16, I'm so encouraged at how God has been drawing people into relationship with him. This year, we welcomed 23 participants into Alpha, making this Alpha the largest one we've hosted in recent memory. Half of these people identified themselves as seekers. For two months we gathered on Sundays to share a light meal, watch a video on the Christian life, and discuss our thoughts and questions around each talk. This culminated with a 1-day retreat focused on the Holy Spirit. My thanks goes out to our Alpha champions Ian & Kim McCullough and the 13 other volunteers who helped stage this course.

I'm thrilled to report that five people indicated they discovered a relationship with God through Jesus at Alpha this year. Praise the Lord!

But this is only the beginning. Please be in prayer:

  • That God would continue the good work he started in all the participants this year.
  • That God would bless the other Alpha courses starting up in the community this year, especially the ones our youth are starting in their schools this month (see below).
  • Ask God if he wants you to get involved in the next Alpha. It can be hosted by small groups in homes, pubs, coffee houses etc. so you don't have to wait till next year.

For more information on how to get involved contact me.

Youth Alpha Update

Right now, some of our students are in the process of launching Alpha in their schools. St. Tim’s has already begun. Please pray that groups will start soon at Cochrane High and Bow Valley. Please pray for opportunities for these students as they live out their faith in their schools! If you’d like updates on how you can pray, contact Jason Dimnik.