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Worship Services

Sunday worship gatherings are one of the ways we strive develop a lifestyle of glorifying God every day of our lives. Here is a snapshot of what our Sundays look like: 

Prayer Gathering at 9:00am. Summer Worship Gathering at 10:00am.

In case you’re wondering (FAQ)

What are the worship gatherings like?
They’re fairly casual. We usually sing worship songs for about 20 min accompanied by a band consisting of guitars, keyboard and drums. We spend time reading scripture and praying as a church family. Sermons, which last about 30 minutes, are focused on understanding the Bible and how it relates to our lives in the 21st century. Altogether, our services are about an hour and a half.

What kind of people can I expect to meet at a worship gathering?
Our worship family is made up of imperfect people from all walks of life. We’re trying to make sense of life in light of the Good News that Jesus has come and offers us a way to live free and forgiven lives.

Do I dress formal, casual or in jeans?
It’s ALL good! We see a little of everything. What matters most is showing up to enjoy being in God’s presence with the rest of the church family.

Is there something for my kids?
Kids are a big part of our gatherings. All the kids start with us. Part way through, they are welcomed to a separate teaching time geared to their level of understanding.

Is your building fully accessible?
Yes! Our building is fully accessible with a lift available.