The tech team supports our musicians at Sunday worship gatherings and extra events through the use of audio and video technology.

We strive to create a space where the members of this community are comfortable and can focus all their minds and hearts on God.  Listening to the message He has for us and giving Him our praise and love are easiest when we are free of distraction.

The tech team includes audio and media techs who help make this possible with the right mix of sound, lights and the right images. These roles are always behind the scenes, but are vital to helping people engage, grow and be refreshed in their faith. Training is provided for both tech team roles.

Media Techs: This role involves the setup and operating of anything visual on a Sunday morning including song lyrics, videos, sermon slides, and online live streaming of the service. Attention to detail and ability to stay focused are imperative for this role.

Audio Techs: This role involves the setup and operating of audio equipment for Thursday rehearsals and Sunday services. Audio Techs work closely with worship leader, musicians and preacher, ensuring all audio is executed with excellence. 

If you regularly attend Cochrane Alliance and are interested in helping this community engage in worship, and to encounter Jesus in meaningful ways, then we would love to hear from you!  

Our tech teams serve at our worship gathering approximately every third week.

For more information, contact our Worship Pastor, Randall Heier.

If you would like to serve in an area of this ministry, click here to complete a volunteer application form.