Why are we doing this?

We long to be a church transformed by Christ, multiplying missional disciples 
in Cochrane, Canada and the world. 

We find that disciples are born and formed most naturally in community that extends beyond our building and weekend gatherings. We call this environment orbital. Jesus’ influence and kingdom are experienced most powerfully in the informal spaces where people live their lives, outside formal church structures. In other words… 
out in orbit.

At the same time, our weekend gatherings at the building are a valuable environment for us to be trained as disciples and disciple-makers. The HUB is one place to be equipped to make disciples wherever God leads.

The HUB logo depicts objects in orbit around a central object. This reflects our vision for the HUB. We desire to equip people to be disciple-makers and launch them into the orbit of our church to make a difference in our community.

At the heart of all our ministry activities is a passion to make disciples.  A disciple is someone who learns from Jesus to:

  • know the Father’s voice,
  • abide in fruitful obedience,
  • and teach others to do the same by the power of the Holy Spirit.

See the EVENTS page of our website for more details about these discipleship training opportunities.