In accordance with the Guidance for Places of Worship, our children’s programs are operating according to the Alberta Health Guidance for Day Camp document. Additional health screening, physical distancing and hygiene practices will be in place. These public health measures are not meant to guarantee safety but are intended to reduce the risk of exposure and transmission through enhanced screening and limited group size. It is important to understand that physical distancing and hygiene cannot always be maintained with preschool and elementary children.

Individual Wellness

  • Pre-screening is required before JAM attendance. Please remain at home if your child has:
    • Fever, cough, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, sore throat, chills, pain swallowing.
    • Runny noes/nasal congestion, feeling unwell/fatigues, nausea/vomiting/diarrhea, unexplained loss of appetite.
    • Loss of sense of taste or smell, muscle/joint aches, headache, conjunctivitis (pink eye).
  • At first sign of any COVID symptoms, the sick individual will be isolated and then sent home. Alberta Health will be notified. 
  • Educate and equip children and family on the importance of social distancing behavior.

Re-opening FAQs

What are the major programming changes?

  • Nursery care (0 to age 2) will not be provided. Grade 6 children are moved to Youth Ministry.
  • JAM Kids Ministry will take place during the 9:00am service. All children (2 years – Grade 5) will immediately be dropped off at their programs. They will not sit in the sanctuary with parents.
  • All classrooms except for Grade 1-3 will operate with a group size of 10 children and 2 helpers (adults/youth). Grade 1-3 will be a group of 20 children divided into 2 groups of 10 in teh same classroom. There will be no interaction between different classrooms.
  • Three Preschool classrooms will operate in the main floor classrooms with mixed ages (age 2 – K).
  • Three Elementary classrooms will operate in the second floor classrooms with one class for Grade 1-3  (with two groups of ten) and one class for Grade 4/5.
  • As much as possible, activities will encourage social distancing and individual supplies.
  • Additional personal space will be provided for children including fewer chairs per table and increased spacing.
  • Songs will be on video and kids will do actions only (no singing).
  • All staff and volunteers will wear masks or face guards.
  • Only individually packaged snacks will be served. 
  • Furniture, frequently touched surfaces, washrooms, toys and supplies will be disinfected after each service.

Can my child wear a mask?

  • Masks are mandatory for elementary children (Grade 1-5) in classroom spaces. Masks are optional outside the classroom in public spaces. 
  • Preschool/Kindergarten children are not required to wear masks.

Where do I register my children?

  • Pre-registration is required. REGISTER HERE. Due to limited capacity, we may not have room for unregistered families. Registration opens at 10am the Sunday prior and closes at midnight on Friday. Be sure you register as early as possible in the week. If you are not present by service time, your child's spot in the classroom will be given away if others are waiting.
  • Check in stickers will be printed and available for pick up as registered families arrive. Unregistered families will be ushered to the reception desk to register if there is room available.

After registration, where do I drop off my child?

  • All children (PS/K and Elementary) proceed directly to their classrooms after picking up stickers or registering. PLEASE DROP OFF ELEMENTARY CHILDREN FIRST! Please escort your child/children to the hallway doors following the direction markers keeping a safe distance from other families. It is recommended that only one parent take each child to their classroom.
  • All children will be dropped off at their classroom doors. Parents are asked not to enter the classroom.
  • Preschool outdoor apparel should be hung on the hooks in the Preschool hallways. Elementary outdoor apparel should stay with the parent or left with the child in the classroom.
  • Please follow the directional arrows to enter the sanctuary after drop off. 

After the service, where do I collect my child(ren)?

  • PLEASE PICK UP ELEMENTARY CHILD(REN) FIRST, then proceed to the Preschool classrooms. 
  • A volunteer will collect the parent’s security sticker and bring the child to the parent at the door. Please do not enter the classroom.
  • We ask that the same parent who dropped off your child(ren) picks up your child(ren) and families plan to meet after the service at their vehicle.
  • Following pick-up, exit the building and return to your vehicle.

If you have any comments or concerns, please contact Pastor Donna.