FAMILY CHURCH lessons for kids and their parents to do together at home.

For the next few weeks in JAM, we are tracking with the Early Church and particularly, the disciples and Paul. Each week, we are exploring one of the great stories of the Early Church and discovering how it applies to us.

Our story each week will be by way of a Story Video Link to a retelling of the story in animation (for Preschoolers) or period drama (for elementary) although they are short so you may enjoy watching them both as a family. An additional Application Video is provided with one of our JAM teachers sharing their story related to our main point. The JAM Family Church Resource is provided for you to use together (parents and kids) as you walk through the different components; SINGING, REMEMBER VERSE, STORY, APPLICATION, QUESTIONS, PRAYER and CRAFT or ACTIVITY.

Feel free to recreate or enhance any of the elements…and please send Donna your creative ideas (emails or pics). Make your family time interactive and fun and have some sweet time together as you as a family learn the great truths from God’s Word.

May Remember Verse

Work on the Remember Verse together as a family. Make up your own actions for it, video them and email your video to Pastor Donna. It’s a great verse to talk about or draw pictures of. Get creative! 

No power in the sky or in the earth below – indeed nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 8:39


Please click the titles below for resources and videos.

SUNDAY, MAY 31:   God Saves!

Singing:   My God is So Big     Rainbow in the Sky

Story:  Preschool     Elementary

Application:   God is My Lifesaver

Challenge: JAM Jar of Awesomeness Challenge


SUNDAY, MAY 24:   God Changes Everything!

Singing:   My God is So Big     Rainbow in the Sky

Story:  Preschool     Elementary

Application:   Jesus is My Kayaker

Challenge: JAM Picture Challenge
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