Grades 1 - 6 children begin Sundays attending the worship service and are dismissed to their classes approximately 15 minutes into the service.

Grades 1 - 4

In this ministry, kids are given a  In this ministry, kids are given a closer look at the Big God Story by captivating story tellers during Large Group time, and then invited by caring small group leaders to explore how they themselves are a part of it through hands-on activities and discussion.   

Grades 5/6

As your preteen nears junior high, we believe it's important for them to be connected to a group of caring peers and adults and have a solid understanding of their faith. 

In this small-group-style ministry, preteens meet in gender specific groups and explore how the foundational truths they've learned about God apply to what they experience at home, school and with their peers. They also learn to articulate what they believe so they can share their faith with others. 


Momentum is a mid-week club for Grade 5 and 6 students. We desire to create a place that these kids can call their own and grow in relationship with each other and with God.

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