Bible Reading Resources

For Your Family


A simple reading plan which breaks down the gospel of John into bite-size pieces. Pair it with the Bible Study Guide as journal pages.






A free family reading plan through the gospel of Mark by Christie Thomas. A supplemental workbook includes background info on Mark, questions, hands on activities and devotionals (for $10 purchase).






"We get hype for Jesus," but why? What's so amazing about this Jesus guy? Is He really worth living for? Is He really who He says He is? "Kamp Kids John Study" was written as a 60 day devotional to keep kids engaged with Jesus and His heart. This is an online study from YouVersion Bible that provides daily readings, questions and a devotional



For Your Daily Habit

These 5-Day or 60-Day Reading Plans are brought to you by YouVersion Bible App.
(See the downloadable reading plans below if you do not want to use the YouVersion App)


Exploring Scripture can align ourselves with truth and help us grow in our relationship with God. The devotionals in this plan are not designed to unpack the meaning of passages for you, but to help guide exploring Scripture personally. We will be journeying through the Bible with Jesus by taking 30 days to follow this Scripture reading plan. This series is broken into short modules. You can start with a 5-day plan and expand it from there. (5-10 minutes per day)






This Bible reading plan will guide you through the New Testament in 60 days. Many books will inform you, but the Bible has the power to transform you. Just read the daily selections and you will be amazed at the power, insight and transformation that will happen in your life. (20-30 minutes per day)






Catch the Bible's Big Picture in 60 Days! This reading challenge (approximately 20-25 minutes reading/listening per day) takes you from Genesis to Revelation with four important features:

  1. focus on the Seed - the ancestry from Adam to Jesus,
  2. a daily Bible reading plan yielding about 33% of the Bible,
  3. daily guidance and insights,
  4. discussion points for you and your family.





In this 60-day reading plan you will discover the central theme and message of the Bible – Jesus Christ, the promised Messiah. Through both the Old and New Testament readings you will see who Jesus is – the Creator, the Redeemer, the Judge and the King. (20-30 minutes per day)





For your Anchor Crew

Group Study Options for your Anchor Crew from RightNow Media. They all come with video content you can watch together.

  • The Bible by Brodie Jespersen. The youth will be using this one, but it will resonate with many adults)
  • The Bible for Grown-ups by Andy Stanley. Short and sweet.
  • How To Read the Bible by the Bible Project. You can find this series on RightNow Media as well, but the Bible Project website is loaded with lots of other cool resources you may want to use.

For an even deeper dive into God’s Word

  • If you like podcast conversations, this is a great one that will inspire you to read the Bible on its own terms. How To Read (and not read) the Bible with Dr. Tim Mackie.
  • How To Read the Bible podcast by the Bible Project. This is a 40 episode series of discussions which lay the groundwork for the video series.
  • The Blue Parakeet book by Scott McKnight. This is a great introduction to reading the Bible as an overarching story. You may not agree with all his conclusions, but he will stimulate your thought.