"3" Form an Anchor Crew

Step 1: Make a List

Who should be in your Anchor Crew? Having trouble brainstorming a list? Don't panic, you have until Oct. 1 to get going. Consider the following:

    • Your household... roomates, spouse, kids, other families in your "bubble"
    • Your small group history... Have you been in a small group recently?
    • Other spheres of your life... networks or groups... what are they?

Now, prayerfully review your answers. Ask God to help you identify potential Anchor Crew mates.

If you are still stuck after brainstorming, go to the Anchor Crew Setup Form anyway. There is a point at which you can ask for help. Click yes, and submit the form. Someone from the church will be in touch to help.

Step 2 - Recruit your Crew

Contact the folks on your list and explore the the idea of forming an Anchor Crew. If your people are IN, you will need to discuss the following:

    • Who will be point person for your Anchor Crew (& their email address)
    • The time you plan to attend church together
    • The time you plan to do Crew together (i.e. meet for prayer, support, etc.)
    • Details on the habits your Crew are interested in starting

Step 3 - Register you Crew

Populate the Anchor Crew Setup Form.


"2" Find the Time

One of your weekly "times" with your Anchor Crew will be spent worshipping with the wider church family (either online or in person), but what about the other "time" with your Crew?

It can be really simple. When you get together with your Crew all you need are some simple questions:

  • How is it going with your daily habit? 
  • What is this showing you about yourself?
  • What is this showing you about God?
  • How are you going to adjust moving forward?

That is really all you need to do to start a great conversation about where you are going in life!

Want something a litte more detailed? Check out the ANCHOR RESOURCES below...

New to facilitating a small group? If you would like some pointers on how to lead a small group, RightNow Media has a video training guide that you can get through in less than an hour. Check it out:

Small Group Point Leadership - Bill Donahue


"1" Forge a Habit

A habit is any simple thing you do on a DAILY basis (e.g. brush your teeth, eat a meal, turn on the TV, etc). The challenge of the Anchor Initiative is to start new habits that will be life-giving and will become as automatic as the above examples.

One key to successful habit formation is to start small then, as it becomes automatic, let it grow. For example, it's better to do one push-up EVERY DAY, than to make big plans to spend hours at the gym every week. Once the one-push-up-a-day habit becomes automatic, odds are you will do a little more while you're at it. The same can be applied to spiritual disciples like prayer, Bible reading or acts of service.

For you first habit this Fall, choose something that will build your resilience (i.e. mental, emotional, physical, relational, spiritual). Then give yourself at least 21 days to forge it into a habit.

After Resilience, we'll be talking about forging further habits later in the year.